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Smart trash solutions

for the SDGs



TrashFreeChina Team, as a student group within the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative, works on providing smart trash solutions for Chinese primary schools. We believe that school children, as the next trash-free generation, are center of solving the trash problem in China and around the globe.

The team started out by asking the basic questions directly related to our everyday life, such as:

Do you know where your trash goes after being thrown away?

Are you confused about which bin to put the trash into?

To answer these questions, together with school children, we have designed a smart trash identifier and an open education platform for schools. Through hands-on learning experiences about trash at an early age, we aim to contribute to the cleaner future of China and the world.


We believe in a greener China and a greener world. We believe in the major role of schools in teaching recycling and demonstrating good behavior. We also believe that children have a role to play in the transmission of attitudes and knowledge and that they are essential drivers. 


Our project tries to meet several sustainable development goals by addressing schools in China. Through the implementation of recycling programs, we set an example for taking care of our earth for current and future generations.


This website aims to provide an open data platform for schools to explore information about good trash management practices by individuals, institutions, and industries, including NGOs, primary schools, and startups, etc. On this platform, we offer guidance for schools to establish a recycling program, which promotes active student participation in trash-related activities through easy-to-follow steps. We also aim to build partnership between Chinese and Swiss schools as a means to inspire, learn and share.

Mission & Vision
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